Meet the Chiropractors

Serving Elmsdale for nearly 15 years



As a pre-teen, Dr. Lerner suffered with extreme back pain. The pain stopped him from playing sports, interfered with attending school and prevented him from sleeping through the night. After consulting with many medical specialists, it was a chiropractor who resolved his painful condition. This experience motivated him to pursue a chiropractic degree after university. 

Dr. Lerner enjoys many recreational activities and sporting events. He enjoys running and cycling and has participated in many races including marathons and Ironman triathlons. Dr. Lerner has a passion for caring for the elderly and has built a very successful geriatric practice. 

Dr. Coffin grew up in Nova Scotia and after being helped with her childhood headaches by a chiropractor, she knew she wanted to become a chiropractor. Following undergraduate studies at Mt. Saint Vincent University, she moved to Marietta Georgia to attend the largest chiropractic school in the world.  Dr. Coffin's recreational activities also include running and triathlon.  Dr. Coffin enjoys helping people of all ages both re-gain and improve their health and has a special interest in seeing families under care. 

The doctors live in Fall River with their 2 boys. As a family, they enjoy skiing in the winter  and going to the cottage in the summer. Throughout the year, they are busy with typical hockey and karate activities with the boys. They have been serving Elmsdale and surrounding communities since 2003.